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Terms and Conditions Of Use

Terms and Conditions of GoGoCabi App:
1)Passengers agree to indemnify and hold harmless against any and all loss or injury the app creators, marketing personel, ownership, affilliates and any and all other known and unknown persons or entities associated in any way with the app and/or the marketing and presentation thereof. 
2)Users of the app / passengers agree and acknowledge that NO REPRESETATION of providers safety, licensing, insurance, background, behaviors, or ANY component thereof is being made by the app, this website, the ownership, management or staff thereof
3)ALL parties that use of this website, the phone #s contained herein, the phone #s links or contacts provided by the app, and any and all other associations one may make toward those things is being used AT WILL and is done on a buyer beware basis.  
4)ABSOLUTELY NO promises, representations, or warranties are being made in any way whatsoever regarding the safety, efficiency or general satisfaction one will experience during the course of thier use of this service. 
5)Users of websites, the GoGoCabi app and ALL other content provided by this organization or its affilliates unconditionally agree to indemnify and hold harmless all associated parties when it comes to lost revenue, missed flights, missed appointments, or ANY AND ALL OTHER FORMS OF LOSS OR INJURY.
Drivers and Providers
1)Providers are completely and totally responsible for thier own licensing, insurance, permits, or and any all other items required by thier municipalities or states in which they operate.
2)The relationship between provider and this site, the GoGoApp, and any and all other marketing material associated thereto is STRICTLY that of lead provider and customer.  Providers are completely and totally responsible for thier own safety, licensing and all aspects of maintaining a lawfully operating enterprise.
3) At NO TIME shall any provider or driver be deemed to have entered into any type of employee relationship with any person or entity associated to this site or the apps, links, directories, etc. thereof. 
4) Providers and Drivers agree to completely and totally indemnify and hold harmless against ANY AND ALL LOSS this site, its associated persons and entities, and any and all management and staff thereof.