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Terms and Conditions Of Use


Terms and Conditions of use;
By using this website, contacts, phone numbers, or the GoGoCabi App you agree unconditionally to the following;

1) Ogdenareataxi.com, its management ownership and staff make NO REPRESENTATIONS or Warranties WHATSOEVER regarding any of the products or services marketed herein.
2) Ogdenareataxi.com, the site administration, ownership and affiliates are NOT LIABLE for accident, injury or loss that occurs as a result of using ANY of the products or services represented on this site.
3) Rideshare service providers and TaxiCab companies HAVE NOT BEEN VETTED by any means.  No representation is being made regarding licensing, permits, insurance, or safety record of the independent or affiliated providers.
4) Use of this site, or any of the products or services represented herein is AT WILL. No person or entity associated with this site shall be liable for ANY harm, injury or loss that occurs while useing this site, the GoGoCabi App, or any and all other links or associated sites or services.
5) Users and visitors of this site agree that any dispute shall be settled via arbitration. Under no circumstances shall a visitor or user of this site bring forth ANY litigation whatsoever against this site or its associated management. 
6) By using this site, dialing the phone numbers contained herein or following any said links, you irrevocably agree to these terms and conditions and release ALL associated persons or entities from any and all liability whatsoever. 
7) As with ANY business or service that involves travel, there is an inherent risk to using rideshare or taxicab services. Users of this site and the services offered herein accept those risks and release ALL associated parties of thier liability should an accident occur.
8) Use of this site, phone numbers, apps and other content shall be deemed agreement in full to these terms and conditions. 
9) All providers marketed via this site are INDEPENDENT COMPANIES. This site makes no representation that it is in any way involved operationally with the actual service providers.
10)If you are not 18 years of age or older, you may NOT be transfered by any service provider unless a parent or legal gaurdian travels with you.  Use of the services on this site signifies that you have represented that you are 18 years of age or older. 
11) All infants or children within the legal wieght limit MUST ride in a car seat.  
12)NO ILLEGAL or ILLICIT substances or material are allowed in ANY vehicle. 
13) NO OPEN CONTAINERS of any beverage whatsoever containing alcohol shall be brought into any vehiclce.
14)PASSENGERS ARE FINANCIALLY LIABLE for any damage done to the vehicle, the provider, or this site as a result of his or her actions while utilizing the services marketed herein.